Female options trader analyzing
How Investor Optimism Could Lead to an Underperforming Market
The all-equity, 20-day BTO put/call ratio has fallen to an extremely low level, suggesting optimism for stocks
MacBook stock market investors writing
Top Stocks to Buy and Sell Ahead of Window Dressers
Getting ahead of the big money institutions to buy outperformers and sell underperformers
Volatility and options trading opportunities
How Stocks Behave After S&P 500, VIX Returns Are Positive
The S&P 500 and its 10-day correlation with the VIX moved into positive territory for the first time in over a year
stock exchange in black with reflection
Analyzing Investor Sentiment After the S&P 500 Notches a Record High
The SPX's latest record high marked the end of the coronavirus-related stock crash
Tense options trader watching market
Assessing Stock Performance Following Dow Shakeups
Both the new stocks and those that were kicked out underperformed against the overall index
Stock Market Charts and Trendlines
Breaking Down How Stocks Do After Doubling
Dozens of stocks have doubled since July 2020
Flat market options strategies to try
How Stocks Tend to Perform After Stock Splits
AAPL and TREX recently announced stock splits
Calendar 1
Key Market Indicator Could Signal More Gains Ahead for Nasdaq
The index's RSI officially closed the month above the 70-level
The top mining stocks
Trader Q&A: Gauging Gold's Breakout
But there are short-term risks looming for the safe-haven asset
Trading Extreme Market Volatility
Timing When the S&P 500 Could Lose Steam
The Nasdaq has performed well one month after landing in overbought territory
Signal Says Now is the Time to Buy Silver
Gold prices are near decade-high levels
Trader using iPad to track stocks and options
Putting These Two Technical Indicators to the Test
Meanwhile, the Nasdaq reached 20% above its year-to-date breakeven level

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