Blue Growth Chart with Trader
What Happens After the Nasdaq Beats the S&P 500
When the Nasdaq easily beats the S&P 500 in the first half of the year, it tends to do extremely well during the second half of that same year.
Female options trader analyzing
How to Choose Between Cheap and Expensive Options
It is hard to endorse one strategy over the other in this environment, but discipline and due diligence is of the essence
Option traders love a bull market, gold wall street bull
20 Stocks With Short-Term Spike Potential
SPX returns are typically bullish after a three-month, 20% market rally
Candlestick patterns in options trading
Nasdaq V-Bottom Could be Just the Beginning
Nasdaq returns are typically bullish after V-bottoms
A bear market or a bull market?
How Stocks Perform After Major Protests
SPX's standard deviation is usually slimmer-than-usual after major protests
Treatment and vaccines during COVID-19 pandemic
S&P 500 Eyes Key Level Amid Soaring Optimism
SPX returns are typically bearish when faced with a big comeback amid bullish sentiment
When volatility is high, you buy
Another Bearish SPX Signal Sounding
SPX returns are typically bearish when in current choppiness range
Stock Market Holidays 4th of July Veterans Day
What Day to Buy Stocks Next Week
Price action before Memorial Day tends to set the tone for the rest of the year
wall street journal stocks newspaper
Fibonacci Levels and a Silver Lining for Stocks
Stocks tend to be more bullish after certain Fibonacci retracements
wall street journal stocks newspaper
How to Read IPO Multiples and Their Significance
Stocks trading at 50% their IPO price tend to struggle afterwards
Traders Outside of New York Stock Exchange
How Stocks Fare During Election Years
Analyzing how the S&P 500 index has performed in the six months leading up to an election
Female options trader analyzing
The Best and Worst Stocks Since the February Top
Breaking down the best and worst stocks since the S&P 500's all-time-high in February

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