Options Trading and price action charts
What This Flashing Cross Signal Could Mean for Stocks
A breakdown of the historical comparisons between Relative Strength Indicator (RSI) levels and the S&P 500 Index (SPX)
Making money off of market volatility
What a Historically High VIX Means for Stocks
A look at what last month's historically heightened VIX can tell us about stocks
Making money off of market volatility
Breaking Down Post-Crash Historical Volatility on the SPX
A look at how the COVID-19 stock market crash is affecting stocks' historical volatility
The top mining stocks
A Silver Lining for This Gold ETF
The $20 level is a key pivot point for GDX
Stock ticker board at NASDAQ
Tracking Stocks' Behavior During a Bear Market
Taking a look at how stocks and commodities have reacted during past bear markets
Options Trader Reviewing Charts
How Stocks Behave During During a Market Bounce
A look at which stocks do best after a V-bottom
Stock tickers on NYSE
What Happens After the SPX Hits Correction Territory
Past trends help us grapple with alarming pullbacks following all-time highs
Leverage your money with options
Copper's Fall May Not Matter for Stocks
Copper's performance is often seen as an indicator for stocks
Female options trader analyzing
SPX's 6-Month Run Could Mean More Upside for Stocks
Historical data points to an extended rally
Corner of Wall Street and Broad Street
What to Expect as Sentiment Turns Less Bullish
The latest Investors Intelligence sentiment survey showed a drop in bullishness
Stock tickers on NYSE
Breaking Down Low-Priced vs. High-Priced Stocks
Lower-dollar stocks tend to be much more volatile
Company earnings calendar and pencil
Assessing the January Barometer Theory
The Investor Intelligence poll is quite bullish right now

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