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Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc. has been providing stock market publications, market recommendation services and stock option education since its inception in 1981 by founder and CEO, Bernie Schaeffer.  Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Schaeffer's Investment Research has become a leading and trusted source of research and analysis for individual investors and major financial media outlets.


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Target TGT stock news and analysis
Bullish Signal Says Target Stock is Headed for More Record Highs
The major retail stock's recent peak comes amid historically low implied volatility
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Is Now the Time to Play GameStop Stock?
GME has been a surprise winner of 2020 so far
This Money-Making Strategy Is Legally Required to Pay You
Learn why Barron’s calls this “one of the greatest strategies in existence.”
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Understanding the Basics of Option Hedging
Hedging allows traders to limit potential risk
Option traders love a bull market, gold wall street bull
Pharma Stock Could Be Headed Towards Fresh Record Highs
The pharmaceutical stock's recent peak comes amid historically low implied volatility


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